Dr. Holmgren recognizes that quality psychiatric care and medication management is often costly and inconvenient.  In an effort to provide the best evaluation, medication recommendations, and thorough follow-up he has established a unique model of psychiatric care.  Detailed practice policies can be viewed here.

What you can expect from Dr. Holmgren:

  • A targeted but thorough evaluation at his office in downtown Brooklyn.
  • A clear diagnosis and, if indicated, medication recommendations.
  • Dr. Holmgren will contact you every month or more frequently to monitor medication response and side effects.
  • Your medical records will be maintained by HelloHealth, a secure and private online Electronic Medical Record, and you will have access to your complete chart including progress notes and evaluations.
  • Dr. Holmgren will personally respond to all emails and phone calls within one business day.  You will be provided Dr. Holmgren's personal cell phone number for use in emergencies.  
  • Follow-up will be completed with a combination of face to face meetings, video chat, phone calls or email depending primarily on the clinical need, with attention paid as well to convenience.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Prior to your evaluation, you will be asked to complete a thorough written history with a template provided and submit this to Dr. Holmgren.
  • All fees are due and payable by credit card prior to services rendered.
  • You will submit a simple form provided by Dr. Holmgren reporting symptoms and side effects on a monthly basis, or more frequently at the beginning of treatment or during medication changes.  
  • You will sign up for the HelloHealth electronic medical record.


  • The initial evaluation is $250 which includes 3 months of follow up.
  • Ongoing treatment is $100 per quarter.  If quarterly fees are not maintained in a timely fashion, further treatment will require a new evaluation at the standard fee.  
  • All phone calls, emails and video chats are included in the quarterly fees.  In addition, the quarterly fee includes one face to face session.  Further face to face sessions may require additional payment at a fee of $50.
  • Paperwork requests, including prior authorizations, are $50.  This fee does not guarantee the prior authorization will be approved.  Extensive paperwork requests may require additional fees.  Simple paperwork requiring a signature or something similar are included in the standard quarterly fees.  
  • HelloHealth, which maintains your medical record, charges a separate fee of $36/year which you are responsible for paying.